Extremely minimalist, Groove is dedicated to those seeking the distinctive detail. In line with the Fill Space program, the handle is grooved to keep the design clean and is produced in the aluminium of the Novellini elements for a unique bathroom concept.

Groove S201 / Composition Details

Drawer fronts, sides Fucile matt

Handles Groove M1 Fucile matt

Washbasin “Minima R” Bianco mattBacklit mirror 3 sides led light

Schizzo design Groove


Drawer fronts, sides Fucile opaco

Handles Groove M1 Fucile opaco

Column Fucile opaco

Top Freestyle opaco

Washbasin “Minima R” Bianco opaco

3-sided backlit led light mirror and shelf Fucile opaco

Tap “Fly 3” Nero


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